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HLC Parent: Thomas Reiley

My son TJ Reiley played for Headstrong for 3 years and played on the 2015 Green Team. From the moment Tj met Michael at a tournament that Headstrong was working in Radnor Tj was moved by Nicks Story.

Michael has trained Tj and a couple of other of TJ's friends. Mike has taught them the value of putting in the hard work needed to reach that next level.

Tj has become a better player as all the kids do  from being on a Headstrong Team. The experience he has gained from playing all over the east coast has prepared him in many ways.

The most important thing my son has learned to me as his parent is that life is not a guarantee and that you have to make the most of what you have. He has learned that giving back and helping out is more important than any game he could play in. I have seen him grow in many ways as a young man.

TJ has embraced NICK and his story and has told many of his classmates through projects and essays he has done . He has volunteered at many HEADstrong events and continues to represent himself in a manner that I am very proud of,.

I take credit for most of it being his father but I give NICK and the HEADstrong Foundations  message a lot of the credit also because it has made him aware and has taught him humility knowing that Nick has battled hard and continues to inspire people of all ages.

I cannot thank Mike Brian Neary and the HEADstrong Lacrosse Program enough as well as the whole Colleluori Family for letting my family into theirs and help spread NICK legacy to people.

HLC Coach: Amanda Stoczko

Being a part of the HEADstrong foundation for the past three years has truly been an amazing experience. Watching my players grow as individuals on and off the field is something that a coach loves to see. The athletes that we coach always give it their all. Our girls know they are not only playing lacrosse but apart of something bigger which is the name on the front of their jerseys. They see the true meaning of being apart of the HEADstrong family and embrace it in their daily life's. 

HLC Player: Shane Taylor

HeadStrong has made me a better person just by being around all the HeadStrong people. They are all great people whether its the coaches, parents or teammates, everyone believes in helping each other and keeping Nicks promise going to help beat cancer. From a game point of view I am from Northeast Philly and we dont have many experienced lacrosse coaches. HeadStrong coaches basically taught me more then anyone and help me become the player I am now. I met a lot of great teammates that dont live anywhere near me, it really opened me up to embrace the differences of kids. I really enjoyed the whole HeadStrong Experience..

HLC Player: Dave Gallagher

HEADstrong puts their players in great tournaments and gives them great exposure to college coaches.  Coach Neary provided me with so much help with recruiting, especially with Dartmouth. Thanks Coach!!

I'm proud to be apart of an organization that has a primary goal of teaching players the importance of service and giving back to the community.  

Thank you HEADstrong for giving me the opportunity to become a better player on the field and a better person off the field as well.

HLC Player: Dan Smyth

Playing for HEADstrong was an awesome experience. Athletically, by competing with and against some of the best lacrosse players in the country, I was able to raise my skill level. From the recruiting aspect, the exposure was top notch. I got a chance to play in front of nearly every Division 1 coach weekly.

HEADstrong's mission, to raise money to cure blood cancer, helped me realize that sports is just one small part of life. I think it has helped to make me a more well rounded person.

HLC Player: Rob Baxter

HEADstrong LC has allowed me to improve as a player on the field and a person off the field.  The foundation enables me to develop my skills in practice and showcase them in tournaments against great competition.  I have also become a better person through community service and volunteer work with HEADstrong foundation.

HLC Parent: Kevin O'Neill

Words can not express my gratitude and appreciation for your event this past week.  We have attended several youth lacrosse events and camps in the past, but yours by far was the best.  We traveled 1 hour each way to get our son to the camp and he had a blast. Even after 6 hours of lacrosse, 2 hours of driving, he still practiced in the back yard when he got home in the evening on the instruction that your team gave him throughout the day.  Thank you for hosting a wonderful camp and he was so proud when he won "camper of the week"!  We will see you next summer at camp and will encourage others to follow.

HLC Parent: Dave Troxel

I just wanted to drop a note of thanks for this past week.  Connor had a great time and learned quite a bit.  His first statement upon leaving the parking lot Thursday was, "I want to do this again next summer!"

I would like to express my thanks for the non-lacrosse lessons.  Connor has attended other camps and I felt I had spent our money wisely on them as he learned about the game and it was beneficial to his progress as a player.  What stood out to me this week was he spoke with an equal amount of enthusiasm each day about both the on field instruction and the Foundation topics (off field).  It was very nice for me to see and hear that he not only learned to better himself as a player but that he received some valuable life lessons from the Foundation speakers and and the Survivors that you had attend.